Jan Charvát

  • font engineer and type designer
  • more then five years in the field
  • lectured on ATypI, Kerning or Typolabs
  • worked 2 years as a font engineer in Monotype
  • published fonts with extended latin support
  • http://jancharvat.cz

Jan Charvát was born more than 30 years ago. Studied programming graphical applications on Czech Technical University in Prague. After finishing shool he went freelance and also worked 10 years in TV as a evening news graphic operator. He moved to Germany and worked for Monotype as a Font Engineer and there he specialized in scripting and large family production with focus on diacritics. Now back in Prague he's Freelancer and Teacher of Type theory and graphic design on two major higher education schools.





Hela is a high contrast rounded font with interplation twist. Try it with basic for free or buy one (1-5 PCs) with latin extended character set for €30.






large family









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Got an idea or some sketches and you don't want to spend time developing font from it? Or you even got the glyphs already vectorized for exmaple in Illustrator but no software to create font? I happy to do it for you. It's not easy to know all the special settings for every kind of font. But lucky you are - I can produce both kinds of desktop fonts and webfonts too.

font finishing

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You have your font in a shelf for few months or years, but you never had time to finish it? Or you have to finish your font pretty quickly and you don't have the time or skill to do it? I can take care of it. I'm professional engineer and I can help you producing font or a family of fonts.


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If you are building big family of fonts, it is not always easy to set up all the weights and widths correctly. Unfortunately for us Font Designers / Engineers Word is still most used text editor and its behavior is sometimes unexpected and you can not see the styles properly. I'm used to produce huge families with more then 50 fonts. I can take care of your family (not the Sicilian way =))

accents build/check

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I'm comming from land with many different accents and I understand most of the meanings and principles of latin diacritics. It is not a rocket science to do a tcaron or aogonek but nevertheless most of the fonts have it wrong, if they have it at all. I can check diacritics of your font for you, or even develop it for you.


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Metrics are esential part of a design. As you draw black parts of your font, sometimes you loose track of the white parts. It always helps to have somebody to look at it and maybe fix some things you missed over the months spend on the aplhabet. I can also take care of karning, which is one of the most time consuming nad boring thing while finishing a font. I use semi-automatic scripting to make it faster and more complex.

cyrillic & greek

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Is your project expanding from Europe? Is there a need for Cyrillic languages? Does your client need greek extension? I'm happy to help you with these scripts if you need.

variation fonts

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If you were around for last few years, you probably haven't missed that thing. If you were around 20 years ago, you may heard about it too. Yes, it is back and now it is working for everybody. Variations fonts can hold huge family in one compressed font file. Some browsers already supports it and some Adobe CC apps too. I can help you to be ready for the next font revolution.


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Oh webfonts... Every client wants them, but it not easy to build them properly. Windows XP, 2000, 7, 8, 10, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, v11.4.1, v63.2.6, v42.6. It is a mess to be honest, but there are possibilities to make it work as good as possible. And if you care about hinting I can help you find the best autohinting solution or even hint you a font manually.

scripting / lecturing

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You have a special feature in your font, but you don't want to do all the work by hand. It is very possible, that your pain can be solved by scripting. Tell me your problem and I will write a script for you.

If you are teaching type design and you would like to help your students to begin with a font designing software I'm very happy to help you. I can also give them an advanced lecure or scripting lecture. I've had a few workshops and lectures on topis of designing and engineering a font and I a teacher and I love this job.



Filip Blažek


"I worked with Jan on few type design oriented projects. He also wrote me some scripts for Glyphs, that saved loads of hours of endless work. He is carefull and he has broad knowledge of type design and production."

Malvina A. Lubec

Martin Birer
Design GmbH.

"I had the pleasure of working with Jan on several projects by now. He is responsible, organised and extremely precise, that’s why it was always a true joy to work with. Beside that, his humour and good nature make long nights and tight deadlines much easier to achieve."

Loris Olivier

Type Designer


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